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About me

1942                    Born in Quang Tri, Vietnam

1974                    B.F.A, Hanoi Fine Arts Institute.

1983 -1986       Post Graduate Diploma, Budapest, Hungary.

1997 – 2001     Rector of College of Arts of Hue.

Member of Secretariat of Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

Lecturer in oil painting and lacquer.


1976, 1980      National Fine Arts Exhibition, Hanoi – Vietnam.

1988                    3 Hue Artists, Hanoi – Vietnam.

1990                    National Fine Arts Exhibition, Hanoi – Vietnam.

1992                    Solo Exhibition, Hue – Vietnam.

                              Vietnamese – French Festival Exhibition, Hue & Paris.

1994                    Attending the International Painting Symposium in Toulouse, France.

                               International Artists Exhibition, Toulouse – France.

                              4 Hue Artists Exhibition, Paris – France.

                              20 Hue Artists Exhibition, Hue – Vietnam.

1995                    Thua Thien Hue Fine Arts Exhibition, Hue – Vietnam.

1996                    Northern Central Vietnam Exhibition, Hue – Vietnam.

1997                    International Francophonie Exhibition, Hanoi – Vietnam.

                              Attending International Festival on Arts in New Heaven – US.

                              Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition between the 4 Universities of Vietnam, Thailand, Hue, Hanoi – Vietnam.

1998                   Attending International Painting Symposium Dalat, Dalat – Vietnam.

                             Exhibition in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai – Thailand.

                             Northern Central Vietnam Exhibition in Nghe An – Vietnam.

                             Bangkok Art Project Exhibition 1998, Bangkok – Thailand.

                             Chairman of Vietnam Asean Art Council 1998.

1999                  Hue Culture Week & Exhibition – Hanoi Horison Hotel, Hanoi – Vietnam.

 2000               Father and Son Exhibition, Hanoi – Vietnam

                            Solo Exhibiton, Ho Chi Minh city – Vietnam.

2001                 Northern Central Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition, Hatinh – Vietnam.

2002                Group Exhibition, Quang Tri – Vietnam.

2003                Northern Central Vietnam Exhibition in Thanh Hoa – Vietnam.

2004                Northern Central Vietnam Exhibition in Nghe An – Vietnam.

2005                Contemporary Arts Exhibition – Palm Garden, HoiAn – Vietnam.

                           National Fine Arts Exhibition, Hanoi – Vietnam.

2006                International Lacquer Painting Exhibition, Hanoi – Vietnam.

2007               Solo Exhibition, Quang Tri – Vietnam.

                          Attending Internatinal Sculture Symposium Doson, Haiphong – Vietnam.

                          International Oil Painting Exhibition, Hanoi – Vietnam.

                          Solo Exhibition, Hue – Vietnam.

2008               POST Vietnam Art After 1990 Singapore Art Museum, Singapore



1981                  White Lotus Award by BTT Literature and Arts Association.

1993                 Ancient Capital Award by TTH Literature and Arts Association (1978-1993)

                           Annual Award by Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

1993&1995   Annual Award by Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

1997                 Second Prize in Northern Central Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition.

1998                 Second “Ancient Capital” Prize (1984-1988).


Vietnam Fine Art Museum

Ho Chi Minh city Fine Art Museum.

Duc Minh Museum.

Singapore Art Museum